Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Newness & What's Going On

What's up? I decided to take it easy on the website and utilize blogspot. This will make updates a million times easier and allow me to concentrate on you guys along with orders. So with that said expect a lot more updates from Redefine, meaning it'll be more convenient for you to know what's going on in the shop as far as events and even allow you to order shirts and art directly from here. Now for those of you who have no idea who I am or what we at Redefine do, the about me on the side, haha. We're a shop in Orlando set up like an Urban Art Gallery with Apparel to somewhat coincide with the theme. On Saturday's we do this Hip Hop event/chill spot called Saturday Night Cypher which is hosted by battle emcee Madd Illz with DJ Stranger Spinning. OK, now you know what we're about so lets get to the good stuff. I'm adding these Men's shirts being that we have somewhat a revolutionary vibe in the shop right now. That in itself was inspired by the Man himself, Immortal Technique who kindly paid us a visit along with his crew Rebel Army (Poison Pen, Demics, DJ GI JOE, J.Arch, and Southpaw.) Anyway, here's a couple of pictures from that experience and a couple of shirts to help make the mood.


The first shirt I'm going to add is a a design B-Side's Palin Perez and I collabed on. It's a play on what all the restrictions and laws like the Patriot Act actually do to us, just creating more bondage and actually limiting our freedoms in order to have "freedom." It boldly says "No More Freedom Please" while the man is already stripped and beaten of whatever rights he's had. The backdrop repeats "Think" over and over again with a 3rd message subliminally added.


Men's - No More Freedom Please
By: Palin Perez & P. Flores
Tan Shirt


The 2nd is a shirt design I Conceptualized around the time of 4th of July, for our brand Ethnycity. Took me a few days but came up with this, "Patriotic Propaganda Promotes Cultural Stereotypes, It's Okay To Kill The Innocence As Long As A Handful Of Degenerates Are The Overview." It's pretty much a representation of our worlds double standard. Many Americans believe in stereotypes, especially those that apply to anywhere our country feels need for a war. Lets just say the little boy with the sign is actually celebrating the "Independence" the U.S. "gave" to them but even still our soldiers are taught not to trust them. They may feel he's mocking us by holding the Uncle Sam Sign and that maybe instead of Fireworks like our children celebrate's actually dynamite. So, they take aim at his head even though he's just celebrating his "new found independence." Imagine if our kids were treated like that during the 4th of July....


Men's - Patriotic Propaganda
By: P. Flores (Ethnycity)
Sand Shirt


Hope you guys like the designs and concepts. Now here's a few pictures from when Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Demics, DJ GI JOE, J. Arch, and Southpaw stopped by.

Peace and Thanks for checking us. Pick up one of those shirts, they're all very very limited. I'll try to post some women designs later on for you ladies.

If you wanna check out some other items, we also have an ebay store. We have Shirts and Original Art rotating.

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