Saturday, July 11, 2009

DECOY & NEOSOE'S Final Contribution to REDEFINE!!!

Hey, sorry for taking so long on the update. Well……..unfortunately our Physical Locations is officially closed…but no need to weep, and yes I agree we were the coolest people downtown but we didn’t completely disappear. We’re now working with Inporgress Magazine to bring you some super unique Indie Hip Hop/Urban Art events that will sure help get our little local scene on the map. Dare I say…we somewhat laid the foundation for everyday urban Art venues, well now we’re going to bring you something else which I will keep under wraps for now. With the help of Godamus Rhyme, Madd Illz, Tobar, Socky Chop, and a bunch of other cool people we want to help boost the overall impact our town has on the Culture. Stay tuned for more news on that.

As promised, even though I’m sure you’ve seen these amazing pieces by now…here’s some work that was up at the “Sorry You Missed Us Show” by both DECOY and NEOSOE, and remember that you can pick one up at



That was a nice portion of the greatness they contributed. If you're interested in any of the pieces just check to see of any are still available...but do so fast because I'm rotating the art/artists in about 2 weeks.

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