Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Special Saturday Night Cypher: ART OF BATTLE

Here's something I'm excited about. I've been in a slump lately with certain issues the store was going through including a broken AC. With the heat wave in the shop plus family issues I had to close the store for a week. It was literally about 85 degrees in the shop during the Saturday Night Cypher with around 30 people inside. Now 85 degrees plus body heat just equaled a mad hot, kinda smelly box...haha. Anyway, now the AC is fixed, luckily it was just a fuse (Thanks to Lemus for going to the Landlord and having that fixed.) and our shop is cool again. OK, what I'm excited about again is called ART OF BATTLE which is presented by Saturday Night Cypher.

Art of Battle is actually 8 emcees and 8 artists. 2 battles, 1 from each winning a prize of

Emcee Prize:

- $100 in Cash
- Ethnycity Apparel
- Basix Graff Devil Shirt
- 2 Issues of Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazines
- Interview by Madd Illz hosted here and the Saturday Night Cypher Myspace.
- A Myspace Layout by Redefine

Artist Prize:

- $100 in Cash
- Ethnycity Apparel
- 4 Pack of Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazines
- Wildstyle Technicians Art Mini Art Supply Bag
- Mini Blank Blackbook by Pro-Art
- Interview by Me hosted here and the Saturday Night Cypher Myspace.

I'm not going to say who the Artists are right now be we have some really good artists who already reserved a spot. These are Artists that when I first saw their work I was just like "Wow, that person's crazy." As far as the Emcees, when Madd Illz is ready to release the names I'll also update you guys on that....But if you're familiar with Madd Illz or Grind Time Battles then I'm sure you know that the Emcees who run in that circle are super talented and very funny.

If you're interested in participating, there's a $15 entry fee for both Artists and Emcees, and you can contact us at Myspace.com/RedefineBoutique or Myspace.com/SaturdayNightCypher

If you're more comfortable with email, email us at redefine@mail2art.com

Peace and Thanks Again

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