Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revamping The Shop

This is one of those random post that lets you know we're still alive. In fact we're in the middle of changing some stuff in the store including part of the layout & wall murals. It's been a mess but we're finally almost done and once we wrap it up we'll start letting people in again. Speaking of letting you guys back in, our 1 Year Anniversary is coming up which is why we're taking plenty of time to clean up house, rearrange, and adding some elements which will make some areas of the shop pop a little more. We'll let you know about the 1 Year Anniversary Party once the details are ironed out. For sure we'll have live music, an art installation show, and some new apparel. I can't say who will be taking part as of yet but it's going to be fun though, I can tell you that!!!

Oh, those pictures are a glimpse of the new look. We'll post completed pictures within the next couple of weeks so you know what to expect.

Till then: myspace.com/redefineboutique

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